Kuckabug Collection Dolls

Look who else is enjoying some of the beautiful dolls from my Kuckabug

QuvenzhanéWallis w/ her Kuckabug doll collection hand made by Dena
Tyson. Q's in town in preparation for Annie! Also in the photo the
beautiful actress-director-producer Donna Marie of Disney.

@Donna what a great photo so glad she likes her Kuckabug Collection
Dolls and I'm sure they will get a lot of luv from her as well -My best to you
little QuvenzhanéWallis continued success as you journey ahead
"continue2gr8ness!" God is truly AWESOME : ) ~
Dena Tyson
The Illusion Series & The New Edition Series
All dolls are unique one of a kind beautifully handmade with natural/dread locked hair-hand
painted and made with love. The clothing is removable and the hair can be worn up or down
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As a girl growing up down in Memphis Tennessee, I never knew much about my kinky –
coily – springy –curly –natural hair and apparently my mother
didn’t either,  but she did know about the straightening comb
heating those strands and pulling them out!  My hair would be
so straight and just blow with the wind.  After a day of playing in
the hot sun it would revert right back to kinky and coily and the
little boys would tease me saying I had “kuckabugs” in the back
of my head.  Sometimes the elders would speak in my defense
and call out to them - “boy get in the house and comb your head
–got a circle around every knott!  I’d stand by and watch with
great joy when I’d hear that.
For those that don’t understand “kuckabugs “ were those little tight curly knots formed in
the back of your head at the nape,  which brought great shame anguish and anger to most
–especially myself.  I hated every moment of getting my hair straightened though.
Later when I became an adult I learned my own natural hair –even though it was a part of
who I am –was something that was not completely embraced by society and unless I
continued to straighten it or braid it in most cases,  I would never be able to “fit in”.  I’ve
never been one to try and “fit in” any way.  I learned about my own kinky-coily-springy-curly-
natural hair, embraced the beauty behind the negative (and we are all beautiful)  and
created dolls that represent the beauty in which Kuckabugs are formed -hence my own
loc’s.  I realized there was a market for African American dolls with dread-locks/natural
hair and I dived right in creating my first set of Kuckabug Collection Dolls in 2002.  On
May 7, 2011 one of the dolls from my collection was placed on permanent exhibit in the
Kankakee County Cultural Museum- a great honor indeed.  I enjoy pieces that are very
unique -especially when I find they’re one of a kind - I aspire to continue to create and share
my one of a kind beauties with the world.
Author -Writer -Illustrator  -Screenwriter -Playwright -Poet
& Creator of the Kuckabug Dolls

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