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I found myself immediately drawn in; she actually writes as people
speak… I love the heavy dialogue.

~Emmy award television and radio host
Paul Lisnek ~
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Dena, Dena, Dena! WOW, what can I say? "So Said to Be" is
captivating, as it is intriguing. . . So, what revelation will be
discovered in that chest? What's Brooks been hiding from
Langston all these years. . . ? You can't just leave a sister
hanging on the edge of the cliff in anxious suspense. . .

Comment by Karl " The Pathfinder" Anthony
Hmmm! Did Langston hit the jackpot? This is fantastic, Dena,
this is good! I was salivating for more it ended too soon.
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I am so in awe of all your success..who would have
thought...Good for you for pursing your god given talent and
dream... I'm still shoppin(window) for my dress....for the big

I want this new book.  I will do my best to get to a book signing.
Be Blessed!

Dena congratulations on finishing the third book. I can't wait to
read the third one. I'm glad you have been blessed the with
ability to write. I also wish you luck with the movie.
God Bless you and Tony.

Hi Dena
That is great.  I can't wait to read it!!!!!!

I am so proud of you..oh how proud I am of you..we have to
chat when you get a moment but I am so excited for you...
take care,

Keep being wonderful!
~Stephanie L. Jones