Novel: Xceptance
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This book was so good I couldn't put
it down. Your writing is ridiculous,
sick, and crazy, but all meaning good.
I had to ask books a million here in
KCK  to order it for me, but it finally
came and I'm really enjoying it. Hey
I'm really feeling Teak cause he
sounds like me, does shows like me,
and probably even tries to riff like me.  
Your hard work and dedication is
paying off.  
I enjoyed the book so much thank you
for inspiring me to read again.
I look forward to seeing the movie.    
Be blessed live long and be

Dena I finished reading Xceptance
on Monday. I must say your books
really make a person think about in
life and how they overcome those
struggles. Your character Augie had
to be in the hands of God from day
one. For a young girl to be out on her
own at a young age and over come
her obstacles that was nothing but
God. She always seemed to keep a
level head despite of everything
going on in her life. I feel her family
missed out on a wonderful
relationship with her And if the
sisters and mother would have
opened their eyes, and heart ,
positive influence in their lives. But
you know what that's their loss. I
can't wait for the third book. Keep up
the good work.

Dena  Xceptance speaks to and will inspire the
soul of humanity.  My best to you and your
~Kym Franklin
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