Novel: Give Me the Strength
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Reviews: Give Me the Strength
Five star rating!    
I know god gave you the strength to go on daily. You had to put a lot of people in check
as well. Some people have a lot of nerve. You have a very determined husband
and  with a wife like you there's nothing he will not accomplish. I respect the bond the
two of you have together and don't ever let anyone come in between that. The family
members sound like they're jealous of the relationship the two of you have. God will
only continue to bless both of you. All I can say is, "You go girl". You made it through
the jungle and there's nothing ahead except a great big fat blessing for both of you.
Keep your head up and don't let nothing turn you around.  Always remember what
God has for you is for you!  Tony I must say you are a trooper. After reading this book I
realize nothing in life is impossible.  I admire you and Dena.  Take care and I will start
on the second book.
Moving and inspiring...
Reviewer: Ken
I was pulled in from the first page and just kept on going. This book relays the story in
a manner that everyone can understand. Kudos!
Inspirational Love…
Reviewer: Lorraine Williams
It is so refreshing to read about someone that is so dedicated to their mate. In these
times, it’s so easy for people to walk away at the first sign of anything that could be
viewed as a something that happened at an inopportune time in “their” lives. They fail
to put themselves in the other person’s position, to find out what they themselves, are
going through. It’s inspiring to know that love like that still exists and is not something
that fades with the first sign of hardship. Keep up the good work! Have a better than
Blessed Career!!
~Rai Williams  
Touching Story...
Reviewer: Lisa K.
As you know I am busy so for me to even think of picking a book up is
slim. I was so eager to read your book, I loved it what a touching
story!!! This book has helped me to appreciate my loved ones and how
faith really does play a role in our lives. Dena you are awesome!! I
can not wait to read your next book and so on...... I am so proud of
you following your dreams.... things do happen for a reason. I
remember the day I met you and knew what a special person
you are and a very special couple, God bless and keep up the great
job, I am inspired by you and I forgot you spoke polish too.
Dedicated and loving...
Reviewer: Christine
It certainly makes you want to be a better person. You are a very
dedicated and loving person. Not many people would have had the
strength or know how to have handled the many different challenges.
Loved It!...
Reviewer: Jan
I just finished your book today. I loved it. I can't wait to read the next
one. Thank you for keeping me updated on what is going on with you. I
hope everything is going well with you and Tony. Tell him I said hi.
Talk to you soon.
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