Novel: Black Beans 'N Rice
Book Trailer for "Black Beans 'N Rice"
An incredible story… I couldn’t put it down, I completely
enjoyed it!

~Emmy award television and radio host
Paul Lisnek WVON 1690AM~
Dena your book was written with such candor, honesty and
sadness. Difficult at times to even comprehend, as I read I was still
moved to keep going. In the end it makes you feel you can
overcome anything as you did.

~WGN9 Midday News Dina Bair~
You are a wonderful author, Black Beans 'N Rice is a great read
about how to overcome an abusive relationship. Keep up the great
job with your head held high!

~Art Norman
27-year award winning journalist at NBC Chicago~
"Thanks for sharing your pain to peace ride and thanks for teaching
forgiveness.  I highly recommend this book to all teens in love!
~Ron Jackson
Author, Sunday columnist/ Kankakee Daily Journal, youth advocate,
jury commissioner, and also radio show host WKAN 1320AM~
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