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Secrets From The Grave
Suspense Novel
(*Formerly "So Said To Be")
Some other titles coming in soon!

From the  "BOSCOE" kid's book series
Hello everyone...
I am so excited and happy to announce that I am currently in the process of
changing my existing titles Black Beans 'N Rice, So Said To Be, Give Me The
Strength and Xceptance to a new label with dTkPublishing which will include
new/revised text covers and titles.  Please stay tuned -I appreciate all of your
continued support it's going to be a gr8 journey ahead!
~Dena Tyson
Existing Titles
Black Beans 'N Rice   
redemption-love and the search
for happiness *Featured on
WGN9 Midday News!
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So Said To Be  
suspense thriller -A
medley of family secrets,
lies, and trust. *Featured
on  The Paul Lisnek
Show WVON Radio 1690!
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Give Me the Strength  
drama-suspense ~Love -Devotion
-Marriage and Commitment
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drama-suspense  ~Pain -Triumph-
Perseverance and Forgiveness
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The Courage To Let Go
Romance-Mystery and Suspense
(*Formerly "Black Beans 'N Rice")
Author -Writer -Illustrator  -Screenwriter -Playwright -Poet
& Creator of the Kuckabug Dolls
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